How Knya Became the Leading Medical Apparel Brand in Just 2 Years

How Knya Became the Leading Medical Apparel Brand in Just 2 Years


Knya, a medical apparel venture based in Mumbai, completed its 2 years this year. Knya is one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of medical scrubs, lab coat aprons, under scrubs, scrub caps and accessories in India. Having raised seed funding from DSG Consumer Partners, along with Narayana Health and Cipla Health, Knya revolutionized the healthcare apparel sector with their Ecoflex range of functional scrubs with 4-way stretch fabric.

Founded by Vanshika and Abhijeet Kaji, Knya has gained immense praise, as they continue working on improving their fabric technology and R&D of their products. Knya has a range of medical apparel, including their bestseller 4-way stretch sustainable Ecoflex scrubs, and Mandarin collared scrubs. They have a customizable embroidery option as well for medical professionals who would like to add their name, designation or hospital logo on their scrubs or aprons. Their goal is to provide fashionable, functional and sustainable apparel to all medical professionals across India with maximum comfort and convenience.

In the past year, Knya has opened 2 offline stores, and launched a mobile app for their brand. “Our work leaves an imprint on the industry, and we take huge pride in bearing responsibility for the same. Knowing that our products are worn by professionals in critical, life-saving surgeries encourages us to keep going.” says Abhijeet, celebrating 2 years of Knya.

Knya has expanded its team and gotten into multi-channel expansion, including retail. By keeping its focus on product innovation, Knya has been able to serve 250K+ medical professionals across India and grow by 10x in the past 15 months.

Offline Stores

“In today’s digital landscape, Vanshika Kaji and I believe the offline experience holds a unique opportunity. We firmly believe that 7 out of 10 serious buyers in India still like to visit stores to buy things, especially from an upcoming brand.” says Abhijeet, talking about the necessity of offline stores for Knya. With a clear vision to bring the brand to the customers, the co-founders went on to establish two offline stores, 1st in Parel, Mumbai and 2nd in Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

The offline stores have been an asset to the company, having been profitable since the first month, having a sale conversion rate of almost 100%, and recovering capital at an impressive pace. “The stores allow the customers to have a personal connection with the brand and allow us to receive first-hand feedback from the customers,” says Vanshika.

App Launch

Knya launched its own app in October 2023. Their vision was to be available at the fingertips of the customers that make them stay the course. Medical professionals in India work for 12-16 hours a day, so time is of the essence. The idea was to be easily and quickly accessible to professionals who can focus on their work efficiently instead.

The app aided in strengthening their omni-channel approach and was a step forward in achieving their goal to be the first and only choice of medical professionals. In two months, they were able to acquire more than 20K active users on their app.

With the app launch, opening of two offline stores, branching out in retail along with multiple new product launches, Knya has taken strides in medical apparel technology. Their Ecoflex range is an initiative in sustainable technology, as it has the lowest carbon footprint in the industry. Focusing on product innovation and technology, Knya has advanced the medical apparel industry with their scrubs. The founders attribute their success to creating products backed by technology and keep doing better at it.

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