How to start investing? 8 essential resources

How to start investing? 8 essential resources


This is our ultimate guide to help you make your first investments.

Anyone can start investing. But if you want to limit the pitfalls, it takes preparation. Before investing your savings, take a step back: analyze your finances, calculate your investment capacity and start thinking about your projects. Don’t worry, on this page you will find all the resources and advice to become an outstanding investor! ­čĺ¬

Saving or investing, what’s the difference?

We can never repeat it enough: saving is not investing. Let’s start by explaining the difference between these two terms and why relying only on your savings is more likely to make you lose money in the long run.

1. How to manage your money well

Are you sure you are managing your money well? There are plenty of techniques and tips for budgeting, allocating expenses by category, and saving. No method prevails over another, but in this webinar, we explain how to easily build your financial plan and start managing your finances like a pro!

2. Create your financial plan in 7 steps + free template!

We’ll never let you take the plunge without a little lifeline. In addition to helping you make a financial plan that holds up (or on course), we offer you this super useful downloadable template to calculate your savings, investment capacity and your ideal emergency fund.

3. Our 6 tips for building up your emergency fund

What is an emergency fund? Why can’t I invest without it? How long do I need to build it? Here are the questions that come up the most in our community. There are no exceptions: having an emergency fund is the only golden rule to respect before investing. We explain how to build it in this article.

4. Webinar: I am learning to invest

Your emergency fund is established? Good news, you are now ready to invest! In this webinar, we give you all the basics of investing and as a bonus: some inspiring testimonials!

5. Webinar: How to define your first investment project and its risk profile

You have a financial plan, your emergency fund and a good understanding of the basics of investing. The next step ? Clarify your desires and prioritize them. Because investing must above all serve to offer you the life you want and to make your projects a reality. So define a specific, measurable objective and assess your relationship to risk.

6. 8 applications to manage your budget and expenses, invest or save

There is an application for everything these days, but in fact, it is sometimes difficult to choose from all those that exist. In this article, we’ve rounded up our favorite apps to help you better manage your money and make your life easier.

7. Investing in Belgium: How much tax will I pay?

Finally, let’s talk about taxes… Yes, it’s not very encouraging, but you have to anticipate them to avoid unpleasant surprises and make informed decisions. Here is our complete guide to the taxation of investments in Belgium. (Other articles on Luxembourg and French taxation are being created… a little patience┬á )

There you have it, thanks to these practical resources, you are well on your way to regaining control of your personal finances and investing more serenely!

Do you want to go even further and work on a tailor-made strategy?

Our free simulator allows you to estimate your return prospects according to your current situation and supports you in your wealth analysis.

Capitana gives you access to controlled and simple management of your investments while respecting your values.

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