What are the qualities of the lawyer?

What are the qualities of the lawyer?


The qualities of the lawyer correspond to the attributes that this professional possesses in order to best practice. In the event of a difficult situation, individuals and companies seek the advice of this legal expert who must be reliable. An excellent lawyer can, indeed, have a considerable and positive impact on the lives of his clients.

So what makes a successful lawyer? This sometimes challenging profession may not be suitable for everyone. In addition to certain in-depth knowledge and total commitment, it requires a good number of professional qualities . Let’s review a few of them.

A thorough knowledge of the law

To plead, the lawyer relies on legal texts. He must therefore have an in-depth knowledge of the law in order to be able to put forward valid arguments and thus defend the interests of his clients. This knowledge is acquired over the years, but especially after specific training. Indeed, to become a lawyer , you have to go through a regional professional training center for lawyers ( CRFPA ) after completing university studies in law. Students must then pass the certificate of aptitude for the profession of lawyer ( CAPA ) to register with the Order of the Bar, essential steps to be able to practice.

Once qualified and registered, lawyers must stay informed about the various amendments, repeals and new developments in the law. As a result, they never stop learning and studying law.

1. Great communication skills

The lawyer is an outstanding communicator. He spends his days relaying between his clients, the opposing parties in a case and the court. For this, he can use many different ways to proceed. A good lawyer knows how to convey powerful ideas using a variety of mediums such as:

Thus, aspiring lawyers should do everything to sharpen their communication skills . They are also used to maintain the development of the activity. The lawyer knows how to establish a professional network and demonstrate his abilities during consultations with potential clients.

2. A strong sense of listening

Knowing how to communicate is not enough without a strong sense of listening. The disposition and willingness to listen is one of the characteristics of the best lawyers. Although it is part of general communication skills, it is also a quality in its own right. People often do not devote enough time and energy to fully understand their interlocutors.

By opening their ears wide, the lawyer can obtain even more relevant information to analyze. Listening to clients, witnesses, the opposing party or members of the court can make all the difference in the outcome of a case by having created an action plan from these additional resources.

3. Sincere copassion

Without sincere compassion for his clients, the lawyer can hardly reach his true potential. This quality is in fact essential to be able to put oneself in their place and better understand them. It is by embodying or highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, as needed, that he manages to plead their cause.

This legal expert also feels empathy for his interlocutors, whoever they are. A fine analysis of emotions can be very useful to him to thwart the arguments of his opponents or rally an audience to his cause. A better understanding of others brings him more towards success.

4. A real passion for his activity

A true passion for one’s activity strongly contributes to the fulfillment of any professional. In the case of a lawyer, he deeply enjoys serving other people, in addition to a strong interest in the law. This allows him to be much more invested. The enthusiasm of future lawyers can already show through on the benches of the university, but it is by practicing on a daily basis that they really reveal themselves.

However, passion needs to be nurtured. The lawyer must know how to take a step back from his activity, especially when dealing with difficult cases. He must be able to identify a work overload or know how to delegate when it goes beyond his field of expertise. Over time, this expert will be able to recognize what drives him and his obstacles to keep his passion intact.

5. Sharp critical thinking

The lawyer must always maintain sharp critical thinking . It doesn’t mean being constantly pessimistic or negative. However, he must remain sufficiently skeptical to question certain “truths”. Believing a person without verifying their assertions can seriously harm them.

Thanks to his skepticism used wisely, the seasoned lawyer knows how to question or dig deeper. He thus objectively verifies everything that seems suspicious to him and ensures that no important detail is omitted. This saves him many surprises, especially in the middle of an audience.

6. Excellent judgment skills

The lawyer performs a different activity from the investigating judge . However, he too has an excellent capacity for judgment which he puts to the service of his clients. For example, he may need to determine whether a legal action is worth pursuing. Or, he may be involved in negotiations for which his opinion will be sought in the event of a proposed agreement.

In the end, if the decisions are entirely up to his clients, the lawyer’s job is to guide them in their journey. He weighs the pros and cons for them. He ensures that they are fully and correctly informed throughout the proceedings. A lawyer who lacks discernment will really struggle to maintain his activity over the long term.

7. Rigorous organization

Law is a broad discipline with many components and annexes. Also, it requires a lot of rigor. Thanks to a faultless organization, the lawyer makes sure to respect all the laws and regulations in force. He also works with all kinds of evidence and sensitive information. In addition to an obvious discretion on this subject, he must ensure that access is restricted to only the persons concerned.

Finally, the lawyer makes sure to efficiently archive his or her documents. This saves him valuable time during a subsequent consultation. His days being very busy, any methodical organization must become an automatism to lighten them.

8. Endless Creativity

Creativity is perhaps not the first of the qualities of a lawyer that one would think of. However, contrary to popular belief, this profession requires constantly renewed inventiveness. It is based, in fact, on the law which is not a formal discipline, but a human and social science. Effective legal practice is an art in understanding the ins and outs of a case. Every client is different: they all have their own goals, objectives and concerns.

Creativity allows the lawyer to practice outside the box. He thus develops unpredictable solutions that take his adversaries by surprise. In addition, this professional knows how to deploy his adaptability and open-mindedness to each new situation.

9. Ironclad Perseverance

The most successful lawyers have ironclad perseverance. The practice of law is one of the most demanding there is: extremely rewarding, it can also be very demanding and requires total investment. This legal expert is therefore gaining a place and a reputation of choice at the cost of many efforts.

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